A coworking and shared office space like no other located at Frankston – Mornington Peninsula.

Frankston hot desking

Franston hot desking

Enjoy hot desking in our bright office with huge desks.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking involves the work from a common area or small office in a coworking space.  It provides flexibility for a business without having to commit to long term contracts like a lease.  It can provide a refuge for Work From Home employees, a structured environment for workings saving time on their commute into the city or just something a little different or even just a break from the solitude of being a solopreneur.  Hot desks can help with productivity and creativity by providing a new environment.

What’s included?

Each booking comes with

  • A huge 3200mm desk and chair
  • Wifi access to our super fast Fibre internet connection\
  • A support team to Extreme Networks to help you get connected and working in no time flat.
  • Generous on-site and ample road parking.  All day.  Free!

Tips for making hot desking working

Hot desking is very different to work from home or working in a Corporate Office.  Here are our best tips to make sure you get the most out of your time in Extreme Labs.

  1. Set goals for the work that you want to get done during the day.  Tick them off as you accomplish them.
  2. Bring the right equipment – laptop, power supply, videoconferencing headset, mouse and anything else you need.
  3. Be respectful of others in the office.  Not everyone in the office needs to hear about your latest deal 🙂
  4. Try using headphones to block out distractions.
  5. Take regular breaks.  Go for a walk, or sit on the lounge or a quick coffee break can help you sustain a good 40-50 minutes of sustained work.
  6. Focus is key so structure your day and your desk to enable you to get as much focused time as possible.
  7. Bring something to make it personal.  Some people find it helpful to bring a little something from their personal lives to keep them grounded.  A photo or stuffed toy can help people settle in.

Please contact the team if you’d like more information on hot desking at Extreme Labs.