A coworking and shared office space like no other located at Frankston – Mornington Peninsula.

Small Business Accelerator

Extreme Labs is Australia’s first Small Business Accelerator, based in beautiful Frankston.

What is a Small Business Accelerator?

Small business Accelerators take 1 person businesses and give them the tools and skills they need to grow their business to the point where they are able to leave the accelerator and run their business in their own premise.  SBAs provide the training, ksills and tools that a small business owner, when they are starting up, are usually missing and that usually cost them years of lost growth and frustration as they struggle to overcome the friction of growing a small business.

We are passionate about helping small business owners to grow their businesses, hire more people and enjoy the lifestyle that they deserve for taking the risk and putting the hard work in to run their own business.

What makes Extreme Labs different?

We provide 3 key ingredients to help our small businesses to grow.

Training – monthly beer and pizza events give our business access to people actually running small businesses with the runs on the board to skill up in the important areas.

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finance

Skills – Access our team of experts at wholesale rates.  Whether it is graphic design, website building, marketing or office automation, use the partners that we use in our business.  Listen to our podcast, Sun Tzu 4 Small Business.

Tools – Microsoft 365, Antivirus, Confluence and Teams are the tools we offer our platinum members, along with 2 hours of bundled IT Support so you can focus on your customers and building your team.



Extreme Labs – where smart start ups start.

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