A coworking and shared office space like no other located at Frankston – Mornington Peninsula.

Extreme Labs is Australia’s first Small Business Accelerator providing a physical work place designed specifically to grow businesses employing teams of 5+.  The bundling of IT support, software tools, training and discounted professional services creates a unique offering derisking the process of starting a business and hiring the first 2 employees.

What is a Small Business Accelerator?

These are designed to help a start up to scale up to be a SME employing more than 5 people.  Running a SME is really hard, we wanted to derisk it with tools and training to maximise your chances of taking startup your business and moving into employing your first team members and setting on the path to growth.

What makes up a Small Business Accelerator?

A Small Business Accelerator comprises a number of components to help start ups to scale up to being small businesses employing a team of 5+ people.

Components of a Small Business Accelerator are:

  • A physical workspace – we’ve included generous 2.2 meter desks to give you the space you need (enough room for share with your first employee!)
  • 2 hours of included IT Support a month.  This is provided by Extreme Networks, who has been providing small business IT for 20 years.
  • A small business toolkit.  We’ve bundled antivirus, Office 365 (email, word and excel) and confluence.  These are tools that will help you scale up.
  • Access to training.  We’ve built a training series, included in your monthly fee specifically for the skills you need to grow your small business.
  • Parking for employees and customers.  We have 24 car parks and ample street parking, making access to your busy easy.
  • Access to discounted professional services.  We have inhouse marketers, graphic designers and web developers available to help you scale up.
  • A supportive community.  Building a SME is easier when you’re not alone.


Small Business Accelerator

Our Small Business Accelerator – the place for smart startups to scale up.

What is the Accelerator’s Goal?

Our clearly defined goals for our accelerator members are:

  1. Decrease the number of SME startups that fail.
  2. Decrease the time between startup and hiring the first employee.
  3. Increase the number of startups that are able to move into their own office or factory.
  4. Assist owners to build businesses that employ 5+ people.

SMEs are the back bone of the Australian economy and we want to do our part to ensure that our economy is strong, resilient and growing.

How to apply

We are currently taking applications for Tranche 1 of our startup community. It will be a mix of coworkers, hot deskers and our SME accelerators.  Tranche 2 will be the same, with increased rates, so sign up today.  Contact the Extreme Labs today to find out more information about Extreme Labs.